Yandere Simulator Game Online

Yandere Simulator Game Play Online

The developers of popular scary games products united again to create the new thrilling Horror for true fans. Ice Scream has an interesting plot, familiar mechanics based on various quests and hiding, and a frightening antagonist. To create this fascinating game, they used the fear of every child – to be kidnapped by the scary iceman, so the story is going to be really memorable for you.

The average school days are over because you realized that you are in love with popular senpai. But every time you come closer to speak with him, you can’t tell him a word because of your shyness. So the only thing you can do is to watch him and love from a distance.

The main problem is your rivals. All beautiful and popular girls are going to confess their feelings to him this week. You totally can’t let it happen, so you decide to play with these girls a bit.

Meet the characters of the game

In Yandere Simulator you are able to find different characters, including the main personages and NPC. You play as an average student girl who didn’t feel any emotions before she met her handsome senpai. He is a kind person who loves reading and art.

Because of his huge popularity, every girl in this school dreams about going out with him. And the bravest students are going to confess to him on Friday in the special place. There is a rumor that if you confess to your beloved person under a certain tree on Friday, he will totally accept your feelings. The main hero of this game decides to eliminate competitors till this scary day comes. And here the third important character in Yandere Simulator will help you.

Info-chan is your biggest ally in this battle. Do you need the necessary information about your target? She will provide you with any kind of data she has. And be sure, she knows everything that is happening in this school and in every home.

The game process

So, you have ten aims and limited time. Your main task in this game is to eliminate them in every possible way. Outsmart them or use different objects that you can find in this location, like weapons or other items. Remember one thing – don’t let other students see you. The school atmosphere is the most important thing in this game. When students notice you doing suspicious things, the atmosphere gets worse and you become the suspect. Avoid communicating with your senpai.

Your shyness will scare him, which leads to the end of the game. Don’t let him notice you, using your special vision. Remember about your sanity. To make it higher, laugh, but do it alone, or come closer to your senpai, but don’t let him notice you. And receive game tasks from NPC. Find all easter eggs to get your reward and reach the end.

On this site you are able to enjoy different Yandere Simulator versions. We have minecraft mode with the cubic graphics. And the gacha life version is also here. Relish your pastime on pc and other devices here. The cute anime personages and interesting stories are waiting for you.