Yandere Simulator Game Online



A fan of additional content? Or have you tested this game multiple times? Then, this Yandere Simulator version, where we combined all additional content in one product, is for you. Press play and see yourself.

If you find this cool game the first time, you need to know necessary information about gameplay and mechanics. You play an average Japanese schoolgirl with bad communicative skills and a strange obsession with her senpai. Well, senpai is a kind and polite person who loves reading, so the whole school is in love with this handsome boy.

Your shyness and clumsiness don’t let you speak with your beloved, so the only option is to watch him and admire. But you discover that ten popular and beautiful girls are going to confess their feelings to him this Friday! You can’t let it happen, so you arrange a special mission to protect your love interest. At this moment your game starts.

Developers added a horror part to Yandere Simulator, so you understand what methods the main heroine can use to eliminate her rivals. Explore the spacious location, find useful game items and create a victorious plan. You need to remember that the school is full of NPC who have artificial intelligence, so they will totally react to your actions and the atmosphere can get worse.

Here your stealth skills will help you. Get the necessary information from your informer, play with your victims, complete different missions from students and remember about your sanity. Turn on your device and start Yandere Simulator on this site. The age rating is low, so feel free to enjoy it here.