Yandere Simulator Game Online

For РС

For РС

Become an average Japanese schoolgirl with her problems and love stories. The main heroine of this game is a typical example of the schoolgirl suffering from non-reciprocal love. And how her love interest can become her boyfriend, if she freezes the moment she sees him. But her school is full of other brave and popular girls who are going to confess their feelings to their crush. Now her main aim is to protect her senpai from these insidious girls.

You have ten targets and every weapon you wish. Developers of this game gave you freedom of actions, so you can choose the way you will eliminate your rivals. And what a mission without a good informer? Mysterious Info-chan knows every information you need about all students in your school.

Their names, relationships with classmates, favorite clubs and interests – find everything you need to destroy your enemies. And don’t forget about your safety – make sure other students won’t see you at this moment. Members of the student council are the most protected people here – avoid dealing with them, or meet the consequences, like security cameras.

The time is limited too. To win the game and get your happy ending, eliminate your rivals till Friday. During playing, you can notice strange things – your sanity lowers and the atmosphere in school becomes different. To avoid a bad final, increase your sanity by laughing or watching your senpai from afar. But avoid meeting him in person – your strange attitude scares poor senpai. His photo that you can take on your phone is enough to make you feel better.

Yandere Simulator is a perfect time killer with elements of stealth and horror. Try different modes and pass the whole walkthrough.