Yandere Simulator Game Online



All gamers were upset that developers didn’t release this exciting and cool product for android and other devices. But on this site you are able to try it on an iphone even without a big screen and keyboard. The simple anime graphics make Yandere Simulator available for all screens, so don’t waste your time and start right now!

The game plot is the same. You play a shy Japanese schoolgirl who lives her best days at school. She has a crush on a popular senpai who loves reading and has many friends and fans. But the main heroine is Yandere, she can’t speak with her beloved, so she decides to watch him from afar.

Things go wrong, when she discovers that ten beautiful girls are going to ask him to become their boyfriend. So in the beginning of Yandere Simulator you start an important mission to not let them come closer to your love interest.

The game allows you to choose weapons to eliminate them or find a way to destroy them with other methods. Her school is a crowded place, so make sure nobody notices your suspicious actions. The ending in Yandere Simulator depends on your careful walkthrough. Don’t let the atmosphere in school get down, increase your sanity by laughing and watching senpai, but don’t show it to other people, and remember to avoid speaking with him to not scare this polite guy.

You get the happy ending in the game if you eliminate all ten rivals till Friday comes, the school atmosphere isn’t suspicious and your sanity is increased. In this new update you receive the opportunity to speak to your mysterious informer, so feel free to use it.

So, ios users – this is your chance to try this fascinating horror. One of the most popular stealth actions in 2021 is on your screens.