Yandere Simulator Game Online

Male Rivals

Male Rivals

Were searching for the perfect action stealth with anime thematic to play? Try Yandere Simulator that tells you the story about an average schoolgirl who fell in love with her senpai and now needs to fight with her competitors to protect him from confessions. And her methods are sometimes crazy and dangerous!

The main aim is to eliminate all competitors till the week ends. The game is full of various items and weapons you can find in the spacious location. Also, you can’t complete this important mission without necessary information. Here Info-chan – the strange girl with unlimited access to all data about students and teachers, plays her role.

The success of the mission also depends on your confidence. The atmosphere in the school and your reputation really affects your walkthrough. They lower when people find you on the crime scene, with weapons, or doing other creepy things like laughing alone or staring at senpai’s photos. It causes a situation where the whole school will suspect you and your game ends because of your arrest.

Yandere chan needs to always watch her sanity. To lower it, laugh alone or watch senpai from afar without him noticing. Also, the school life continues, so the main heroine can join the club according to her interests, become a member of the groups in school and communicate with other average students receiving various tasks from them.

The location in this game is huge, so you can explore it to find other cool activities and characters. Avoid being caught by teachers and students with the special type of persona. After you discover all types, you will understand how they react to your actions, and the game process will become more interesting and fascinating.

In this Yandere Simulator version your enemies list replenished with the new competitor. Surprisingly, it is a boy, and he has serious intentions. What strategy will you pick to win in this unusual situation?