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Yandere Simulator Anime

Yandere Simulator Anime

You probably had a crush on popular boys in school. And the heroine in this game also fell in love with the most handsome and famous senpai with many fans among girls. And that’s not a huge surprise, he is kind, loves reading and helps everyone. But what to do, if you are so shy that you can’t even stay calm near your beloved?

Of course, watch from afar and guard him from unnecessary confesses. And when you discover your ten most beautiful classmates are going to confess their feelings to him, you need to do everything to protect him from your rivals.

Explore the location

So, you received the information about a strange rumor that says you need to confess to the boy you like in special circumstances and you will be together forever. According to the rumor, the day “X” will be on Friday, when they invite him to a sakura tree after classes. You have five days to eliminate your competitors and win the game. First, look for useful tools and allies.

In Yandere Simulator you are able to use every available object to complete your mission. It can be items to outsmart your victim or even different weapons. Find them at school, exploring various classes, rooms and halls. You are not alone in this mission. The strange girl who knows everything decides to help you by providing you with helpful information about your enemies.

The mechanics of the game

First thing you need to remember – don’t interact with senpai. Despite him being kind and polite, he will be scared of your clumsy actions. In this case, the game ends and you begin from the beginning. The only thing you are able to do is to walk near him. But make sure he doesn’t notice you. These actions can increase your sanity. Speaking of which, dealing with your adversaries can affect even the brave girl like you.

To increase your sanity, laugh in the places where nobody can see you or look at your beloved senpai’s photo on your phone, if you received it before. It is also important to make everything clear. When students discover the creepy stuff, the literal crime scenes or your suspicious actions, the atmosphere in school becomes worse. It affects your gameplay, making it harder.

The school is full of different NPC wandering around. Developers added characters with improved artificial intelligence that differs from one person to another. Get tasks from the certain personages and complete them to get a reward. To find your aim in this crowd, use your vision. By turning on the vision, you will see senpai’s location, your targets and other students, including the members of the student council.

After eliminating these students, the school becomes full of cameras and metal detectors. To reach the victory in Yandere Simulator, destroy ten targets till Friday and don’t let other people suspect you. Act carefully and listen to your informer. Discover various secrets people here hide, help them or destroy, but interrupt these girls’ plans in any way.

Switch different game modes to diversify the walkthrough. Here you are able to discover the animation names and other cool built-in features. Become the main hero of this strange love story and help this poor girl.