Yandere Simulator Game Online

Yandere Simulator 2021

Yandere Simulator 2021

Your calm and quiet school days are going to end. A handsome and popular senpai who is your love object will receive confessions from the most beautiful girls in your school. Your situation is dangerous, so you need to do anything to protect him and destroy your enemies.

You play as a quiet and shy girl who fell in love with a famous student in her school. She is a typical Yandere, and because of her shyness, she has no opportunity to speak to her love interest and confess her feelings to him. In this game she is going to eliminate ten different girls who are going to confess to senpai before Friday comes.

And you will help her in this tough mission. Yandere Simulator allows you to choose the way you will complete this task – use the weapons you can find in this spacious location or outsmart them. Remember that you have five days, or else, senpai will accept the confession from one candidate.

Walking the school you are able to notice different students wandering around. Some people can give you game tasks, completing which gives you the reward. Our Yandere isn’t the only person hunting these targets. A strange girl who knows all necessary information is going to help her get useful data about all targets.

You can meet members of the student council – the most protected people in this building. And senpai also walks around with his friends. Avoid him, don’t let other people see you dealing with your aims and remember about your own sanity. Use senpai’s pictures on your phone or laugh to make the level higher or the game ends.

The mechanics in this Yandere Simulator version are improved and have many new features. Enjoy cute anime graphics combined with a horror game on this site.