Yandere Simulator Game Online



We all know these typical anime stories, where a shy girl falls in love with a popular guy at school, and they become a couple. Here you play as this schoolgirl, but soon you will realise that she isn’t average, and their love story differs from normal.

Yandere Simulator tells us a story about a psycho girl who wants to eliminate all her love rivals to prevent them from confessing to her beloved. So ten exciting weeks with different enemies are waiting for you in this game. The school is full of different people, so you need to complete your mission without getting unnecessary attention. The stealth process plays a huge part in this walkthrough.

Yandere Simulator developers allowed you to even use weapons and other items to destroy your enemies, but your every step is watched by teachers, members of the student council and other students. To not let school atmosphere go down, prevent suspicions about you and get to the game ending, use different objects to help you cover your actions.

In this exciting game you have the opportunity to join different clubs, communicate with other students and receive tasks from them or become a member of the unofficial groups. Your ally will give you all necessary information, so you can play with a plan and strategy. And remember about your sanity – watch senpai’s photos and laugh to increase it, or the game ends. But avoid unnecessary witnesses!

In this Yandere Simulator version all heroes are opened. You don’t need cheat codes to try all protagonists and meet every personage developers added to the process. Go and complete your mission!