Yandere Simulator Game Online



School life is the best time – you have small problems, fall in love, make new friends and have fun in clubs. And despite being antisocial, the main hero of this game has a happy school life because she fell in love with a popular and handsome senpai. But she realised that she has the whole school of love rivals, so she starts an important mission to protect her beloved senpai.

Yandere Simulator is an interesting and exciting stealth action with horror elements and lots of different activities to do and characters to meet. First, the main mission in this game is to eliminate ten schoolgirls who want to confess to senpai. You have the opportunity to decide which method you will choose to get rid of these girls – outsmart them or eliminate using various weapons. But don’t think that this task is easy.

There are many factors you need to consider to play till the end. First, your own state plays a big role in the process. Pay attention to your sanity after your actions and increase it using your senpai’s photos and laughing. Also, avoid getting caught by other people or police. The moment a teacher or protective students arrest you, the game ends.

During the process Yandere chan meets various people. She will find a mysterious girl who can help her get necessary information, different clubs and groups members, teachers and average students. Join the club, become a part of the group of bullies and receive tasks from other people.

Every character in Yandere Simulator has his own persona. It determines how they will react to finding you on the crime scene – arrest, promise to not to tell anyone or fight with you. But the game has more types of persona that you can discover during your walkthrough. And remember about the reputation and atmosphere in your school. All characters who saw you at the crime scene can tell other personages and the suspicion will increase and your reputation lower.

Perfectly complete your mission and choose another mode to pass. Modes in Yandere Simulator are at your disposal, so enjoy your pastime on this site.