Yandere Simulator Game Online



The amount of different modes and characters, the unique gameplay and lots of various things you need to pay attention to in the process amaze all fans of this product. And the biggest part of the game process involves interaction with other students. In this Yandere Simulator version you will meet one of the student groups and know them better.

Main heroine is an average schoolgirl who fell in love with her handsome senpai. But she discovers that the school is full of her rivals – popular and beautiful girls who are all going to confess their feelings to him. This is the moment Ayano – this is the main heroine’s name, decides to take everything in her hands and eliminate her enemies.

In order to complete this mission, she needs to communicate with other students, find a way to get the necessary information, choose the method of eliminating them and take care about the safety. Leave your victim alive at the end of the game or destroy her using weapons and other items.

In Yandere Simulator you are able to meet different characters, groups and even join the club. For example, the mysterious girl named Info-chan will provide you with all useful information about your targets. Teachers and members of the student council watch all your actions and arrest you in case they find you at the crime scene. And you also can become a member of a club or different groups.

In the school yard you have the opportunity to meet this group of real hooligans. All boys in this squad have a violent persona and dyed blonde hair. During the game they will comment on all your actions. To become its member, you need a low reputation and a certain persona. Learn more about these categories in the game and use them to get the necessary final. Remember about your own sanity and the school atmosphere that changes after your violent actions.

Yandere Simulator has a huge number of different activities, so you won’t become bored during the walkthrough.