Yandere Simulator Game Online

Yander School

Yander School

This exciting game transfers you to the good old schooldays when you enjoyed your pastime with your classmates, fell in love and studied for your future. But the main hero in Yandere Simulator is not an average popular schoolgirl with many friends and fans.

She is shy and clumsy and can’t even dream about going out with the boy she likes. He is her popular, handsome and kind senpai, so it’s not a huge surprise that ten most beautiful girls decided to confess to him. This situation isn’t good for the main heroine, so she creates a perfect plan and starts this important mission.

The huge location

You are able to visit any place in this spacious location. All classes, rooms, halls and even huge yards are at your disposal. Find useful objects there that can help you complete your task. For example, developers added different weapons, if you decide to eliminate them completely. And other game items will help you reach your aim in other ways. Of course, the first thing you need is information about your targets and other students.

Here you will meet your first ally – Info-chan. Nobody knows where she gets all the data, but she will answer your every question. The long maze of halls and rooms can distract you from your main aim. So our girl has the special vision that shows you your aims, senpai and other people you mark.

How to play?

So you equip your character with everything she needs. But there are things you need to know about the process. First, the walkthrough is based on stealth. The moment students find the crime scene or see your suspicious actions, the atmosphere becomes worse. They suspect you and become mistrustful. The bravest student’s can even arrest you or fight with you to stop. Your character’s state is also an important thing in Yandere Simulator.

Always monitor your sanity and increase its level by laughing alone or watching your senpai and his photos. But remember to not interact with him. Your strange actions scare this boy, so the walkthrough ends. Different NPC give you special tasks. By completing these simple tasks you receive the necessary information and reward. The other personages you are able to meet are the members of the student council.

They wear white uniforms and are the forbidden aims. After the first member is missing, specialists install security cameras and metal scanners around the building, so the calm walkthrough becomes impossible. Do you think that this is the whole list of different people walking in this huge building? Then, developers prepared other interesting personages and cool features you will unlock during the process. So start and explore the whole location!