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Yandere Simulator 2

Yandere Simulator 2

This game became popular from the first demo version. The cute anime graphics, interesting plot and dynamic mechanics with the elements of stealth and horror made Yandere Simulator the perfect product for boring gamers.

The story begins with an average Japanese student who falls in love with her handsome senpai. But different obstacles appear in her love life. So she needs to solve all problems to continue watching her beloved, and sometimes she will confess her feelings.

Help the main heroine in this mission

This girl has one big problem. Because of lack of friends and communication, she can’t speak with senpai calmly. She drops objects, can’t say a word and scares him with the strange attitude. That is why she decided to just watch him and enjoy her love.

But it turns out that ten most popular and beautiful girls are going to confess their feelings to him on Friday because of the rumor that goes around the school. It says, you will totally become a couple if you confess in certain circumstances. This is the worst situation, because senpai is kind and polite and won’t refuse when the beautiful girl asks him out. So the main heroine decides to do everything to protect her love object from her rivals. And in this game you will help her!

Reach the happy ending

You have five days to eliminate your enemies. To complete this mission, you are able to use different items available in Yandere Simulator, including the real weapons. But the school is full of other students, members of the student council and other people wandering around.

So you need to act carefully. Pay attention to your surroundings destroying your adversary, and clean all traces. The atmosphere in school, defense level, your senpai’s state and, as a result, your game final depends on your accuracy.

Get help from the mysterious girl who knows everything. Developers added Info-chan to the game, and she provides you with all necessary information you need. Also, your classmates and other students will give you different exciting tasks. Complete them to immerse yourself in the game story and get a reward.

Watch your sanity level – to increase it, laugh alone, watch your senpai without him noticing or take a photo of him and relish it in your free time. Don’t interact with this boy, because you can scare him, and the game ends. Avoid him using your special vision and reach the aims with it.

This new Yandere Simulator part is full of cool features for true fans. Discover all of them during your walkthrough. Good luck in this tough and fascinating mission!