Yandere Simulator Game Online



You probably know everything about the main heroine of this game, but what about other personages, their interests and personas? This Yandere Simulator version will introduce you to all main heroes and their school life.

The main aim in this game is to help the heroine eliminate all her love rivals to continue watching her single beloved. You play a strange schoolgirl, ayano aishi, who has bad communicative skills and an unstable state. She is a Yandere which means that sometimes she can make crazy and dangerous decisions to get what she wants. So she decided to arrange this important mission and protect her love interest from these beautiful schoolgirls.

The stealth mechanics are everything in this game, so all factors can interrupt your walkthrough if you are not careful. For example, all people here have their persona. According to the type they have, they react to your actions in different ways. You also meet different people in school. The most dangerous are teachers, who will chase you and arrest you. The same goes for student council members. Other students can interact with you and invite you to their clubs and groups or give tasks.

First, you need to know the main heroes here. Our helpful informer – info chan, is a mysterious girl with a huge number of useful data for every person in this building. Senpai is the person you fell in love with. He likes reading, is kind, polite, handsome and very popular. Not a surprise, all beautiful girls want to confess to him. For example, Muji Kina is your sixth competitor, she is cute, works as a school nurse and is kind to other students.

Asu Rito is a popular sports club leader who attracts him with her skills and appearance. And Osoro Shidesu, who is the complete opposite of him, will become close friends with him. The other important personages are the members of your family. Ryoba Aishi – your mother, is a funny and friendly woman.

But after you watch the strange cassettes from the basement, you will understand that she hides many terrifying secrets about her family, role and Ayano’s father. You can try a special mode to discover their love story.

Meet other people and find all the secrets they hide. Good luck!